Recycled Surfaces creates renewable, long-lasting, high performing surface products from materials destined for the landfill.  Our passion is to find alternative use for all resource streams. 

Our products were born from innovation and raised at a recycling facility.  Powered by Ripple Glass, Kansas City's glass recycling solution, the products are made with only 100% recycled aggregates. These currently include post consumer and post industrial glass and post industrial porcelain.

 We have the knowledge, capability and 50+ years, of combined composite experience to fulfill your entire surface, industrial and architectural product needs.

Our surfaces have been used for countertop material, architectural panels, restroom dividers and shower pans.  Our innovative staff invites you to challenge us by creating your own product idea.  Allow us to show you the limitless possibilities of our products.

Whether you choose a current composite recipe or decide to create your own, our aggregates and matrix can meet most aesthetic needs.

We are humbled by those who have chosen to use our products and we will always strive to provide the finest in recycled surface materials.